1996 APHA Black Homozygous Tobiano • 15.2H

Owned by Will & Debra Brooks

“Slicks” has a wonderful temperament and outstanding athleticism!

  • He has a total of 143 points in roping
    Superior heading (59 pts)
    ROM (register of merit) heeling (43 pts)
    ROM steer stopping (41 pts)
  • Shown by World Champion Roper J.D. Yates
  • Money earner in roping
  • 2001, Finished the year in the Top 10 on the APHA Honor Roll
    7th in the nation in Heading

    8th in the nation in Heeling
  • See a portrait of Slick by Sarah Schryver, a Canadian artist.
  • Color Genetics: To/To-E/e
  • Tested Negative EVA & LWO
    5 Panel NEGATIVE for HYPP – HERDA – GBED – PSSM1 – MH

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Join the “Slicks Left Prints” LOTTO!!

All mare owners that breed to Slicks Left Prints will be added into the “Slicks Lottery” drawing to be held at the end of August each year. We will put all the owner’s names together and draw for one FREE STUD FEE TO SLICKS!! If you bred 2 mares,’ you will have your name in there twice increasing your chances!
Rebreeds are not included-only paid stud fees. The winner will still be responsible for mare care or shipping charges applicable. The winning stud service is to be used in the following year only but does have a live foal guarantee! Contact us if you have any questions! Jump on board for a chance of getting more Patch for your money!!

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Stallion Service Fees & Information


E-mail us or call if you have any questions. We are excited to be offering these discounts and this chance for folks to have a chance of winning a free Slicks stud fee!

  • Only ONE discount per mare.
  • APHA/AQHA World Champion Halter or Performance mare: PRIVATE TREATY
  • APHA/AQHA Superior Halter or Performance Mare: $500, 1st shipment free
  • APHA/AQHA Register of Merit or Performance: $550, 1st shipment free
  • Repeat customer: If you bred last year, you are entitled to a $50 discount off a stud fee on any mare of your choice to Slicks this year. If you bred two mares, you are entitled to a $50 discount off two breedings to Slicks. This discount only applies the year following your breeding, it cannot be carried over 2 years. For all breedings this year, you will be entitled to this discount again next year.

Fees & Info

  • Stud Fee: $600
  • Book now $200 per mare and stud fee will be:
    $600 for first mare
  • On farm inseminations $25.00 each

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Mare Care

  • With foal at side $16.00 night
  • Without a foal $14.00 night


Live foal is one that lives 30 days and is healthy at that time. If it is “sick” at 30 days (with a veterinarian statement) and dies later related to this illness , you can re-breed at semen transport fees / mare care only.

Semen Transport/Collection Fees

  • First shipment included (overnight air)
  • $175.00 each additional shipment
  • ALL shipments will be with the agreement
  • to return the shipping container.
  • $75.00 for any semen picked up at farm

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